Tony Hugh

21st May 2020


While you might love where you live, there may also be elements about your property that you’d like to change, or that you wish you’d considered a little more closely when you were buying.

New research from the HomeOwners Alliance (HOA) and revealed that 77 per cent of UK adults are happy with their homes. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few alterations many of us would like to make.

The survey found that people often overlooked the likes of storage space and maintenance work when looking at a property, either to buy or rent.

In fact, some 25 per cent said that they regretted not paying more attention to how much storage space a property had before they bought or rented it. 21 per cent revealed that they wished they’d paid more attention to what maintenance needed doing too.

Alex Depledge, CEO of, explained that lockdown has given people more time to contemplate their living environments and what they might like to change. He added that Resi has created some resources to help homeowners and renters make positive changes once restrictions are lifted.

“Resi is offering guided surveys so people can survey their own homes themselves, as well as extensive finance and mortgage advice, so that clients can make decisions about how to improve their homes and finance building work when current restrictions are eased,” Mr Depledge stated.

If you’re considering carrying out home improvements yourself, take a look at our top tips for avoiding DIY disasters. One of the most important is knowing your own limitations and being patient enough to wait for a tradesman to help with any jobs you’re not confident you can do yourself.

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