Tony Hugh

19th Jun 2020


The coronavirus lockdown has many people picking new skills during their extra free time, and DIY has seen a huge boost as people take on home improvement jobs. But some tasks are done faster, competently, and importantly, safer by experts.

There are DIY jobs that carry a higher risk factor, such as anything electricity-, gas-, or plumbing-related, as well as jobs that involve working from heights or with a ladder. Certainly larger renovation jobs and extensions are not jobs to take on by yourself, and you should seek professional help.

Here we have four jobs that are more easily sorted by professionals.


1. Plastering

There are so many things that can go wrong with plastering. If the mixture is too thick, it will take hours of sanding down to get it smooth, and mix it too thin, and it will take too long to dry. For the DIY amateur, blasting around fittings and fixtures is not a simple task either.

A professional will do the job incredibly quickly, and leave you wondering why you’d even attempt it yourself in the first place.


2. Flatpack assembly

Flatpack assembly instructions can be indecipherable, and differentiating between all the similar screws, nuts, and bolts can be frustrating, never mind the inevitable missing piece.

It will save time, money, and quite possibly your relationship if you get an expert to come and assemble your new furniture.


3. Tiling

A professional tiler will have the experience to know how many tiles are needed, how to cut and trim the tiles to fit, and how to blend in the natural variations in size and colour that tiles come in.


4. Painting

Maybe the painting part isn’t that tricky, but what about the hours of preparation? Before you’ve taken the lid off the paint, there will be sanding, masking, taping, scraping and more to do.

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