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6th Nov 2018


How to choose the right builder for your renovation

Starting building work is always a daunting project, involving a serious investment of both time and money. To learn a little more about the process we spoke to property developer Dan Simons, having originally worked alongside his property developer father he has spent the last few years building his own portfolio. Most recently investing in high-end professional house shares.

1: Price

It is always tempting to go with the cheapest option however, the old adage you get what you pay for is never truer than in construction. Particularly if there is a wide variance in prices it is important to properly comb over your quote. It is possible your prospective builder hasn’t accounted for all eventualities or missed out certain component parts. Ensure you ask for a thorough breakdown of costs and whilst it might add to your expenses, it may well be worthwhile asking a property lawyer to look over the contract to check for any irregularities. Saving you time and stress in the long term.

2: Point of contact

It is important during any renovation or building work you know precisely whom you will be dealing with. Each project should have a dedicated project manager who is on-site, on-hand and available to answer any and all questions. Before you sign a contract you should make sure to meet with your point of contact and assess whether you would feel comfortable working closely with this person.

3: Check their trade body

There are a number of professional bodies who help monitor construction work. And so any builder undertaking work for you should be accredited and registered, make sure to ask your builder if they are members of any professional organisations. The two main ones are the National Federation of Builders (NFB) and the Federation of Master Builders (FMB.) Both of these boards have online portals that allow any prospective client to search their members – checks for NFB are available here and FMB here.


4: Speak to their clients

Possibly one of the most important litmus tests, verifying a builder’s work with former and current clients presents a phenomenal opportunity to truly understand their business. Make a list of any potential concerns and try to speak with them over the phone, rather than over email. Even better, try and visit their recently completed projects. Pictures may say a thousand words, but nothing compares to seeing the genuine article. Providing you with a thorough and complete understanding of their business it should help you feel more confident and secure before singing.

5: Sustainability

Perhaps not a point that resonates with everyone, zero carbon housing could well be the future of construction. With numerous incentives and tax breaks expected to be introduced for those whose homes are more environmentally friendly, combined with the rising price of gas and electricity. It could well be a worthwhile investment to incorporate some level of sustainable living into your home. Finding a builder who shares these values may prove to a valuable addition to the worth of your home.

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