AXXYS Wall Mounted Handrail Kit 4000mm Select Timber and Metal Finish, Pine, Brushed Nickel

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AXXYS Wall Mounted Handrail Kit

This kit contains everything you need to construct a 4mt wall mounted handrail. The rails come in manageable 1mt sections which are joined together using either Brushed Nickel or Chrome connectors. The connectors are fixed to the timber wall rosette / Patrice which in turn are fixed to your wall

AXXYS Wall Mounted Rail Rail Kit Contents

Each kit contains the following

  • 4 x 1mt Pre-Finished Solid Wood 54mm Diameter Rails
  • 5 x Pre-Finished Solid Wood Patrice
  • 3 x Metal Intermediate Rail Connectors
  • 1 x Metal Left Hand End Connector
  • 1 x Metal Right Hand End Connector
  • Screws to fix handrail to connectors
  • Screws to fix connectors to wall Patrice

Select from

  • Pre-Finished Oak with Chrome Fittings
  • Pre-Finished Oak with Brushed Nickel Fittings
  • Pre-Finished Pine with Chrome Fittings
  • Pre-Finished Pine with Brushed Nickel Fittings

AXXYS Rail in a Box Fitting Guide


This kit does not include fixings that connect the Patrice to your wall. It is important that you establish the correct type of fixing needed for your individual wall.

Starting from the first tread nosing, measure vertically a distance of 900mm and mark on the wall, making sure the mark is vertically level with the tread nosing using a spirit level

Next repeat this at the top of the flight, using the last tread nosing which leads onto the landing as your starting point

Now strike a plumb line through the two points, using a suitable marking tool that can be easily removed or a piece of taught string, this plumb line will enable you to mark the other Wall Patrices in the correct position.

Next you must measure the length of this line between the two vertical points that you have marked (x in the equation), then divide this number by 4 ensuring the result (y in the equation) is not more than 1000mm, and using your measurement mark these other centre positions along the line

Next you must cut the lengths of AXXYS Handrail down if the result of your calculated measurement is less than 1000mm. Using a suitable saw, mark and cut each length of Handrail down to your measurement, ensuring the cuts are accurate and level.

Now starting at the bottom using your first marked position, drill and secure the first Wall Patrice onto the wall using appropriate fixings Please Note; Always remember to drill pilot holes with a suitably sized drill bit when fixing screws into timber, as this will prevent damage to the screw head and Patrice and ensure an easier fit. This is especially important when working with any variant of hardwood such as Oak

Repeat this and fix the next Wall Patrice moving up the stairs.

Next you can assemble a AXXYS Left Hand Connector or Right Hand Connector (depending on the orientation of your stairs) with a length of AXXYS Handrail and anAXXYS Intermediate connector using the fixing screws provided, making sure you have 2 screws going into the end grain and 2 screws underneath at the Intermediate Connector

Once the first section of the Handrail is assembled and securely tightened you can now offer this up to the Wall Patrices and fix using the screws provided, ensuring the connectors are mounted centrally and in line with the Wall Patrices

Continue up the stairs using the same procedure as before for assembling the next length of Handrail & Connectors. Once assembled the second section can be inserted into the Intermediate connector of the first section and secured, making sure that it lines up with the Wall Patrice centrally before fixing

Once you are up to the final length of handrail, terminate the end using either Left Hand or Right Hand Connector and mount this to your last Wall Patrice, ensuring it is lined up with all marks and level in relation to all other Handrail sections

You have now completed the installation of the axxys Rail in a Box, you can now remove the original marked plumb line and check all fixings are secure and tightened.

 Cleaning of the product can be done with a damp cloth or a lint free dry cloth depending on the level of cleaning required. Avoid the use of heavy detergents as this can damage the finish to the timber and metal connectors


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